How I Learned How to Hate the Car and Use Public Transportation (in America)


Well, my grand experiment is to learn how to get around using only public transportation (and a bike) in upstate New York; this after putting over 100,000 miles driving in less than 2 years time, and in the course of it messing up my back, right leg and tendons in both my hands.

This picture shows the massive interconnected network of bus (sorry, it’s now called a “coach”) routes that I will use to continue traveling to and from our farm in the middle of nowhere. Funny, I’ve used public transportation since I was 8 years old, when I would take the bus from Matamoros to Cuernavaca, by way of Mexico City and the Metro with abolutely no problem. Only problem now is learning how to read the ridiculously arcane bus schedules littered with absurd symbols and undecipherable notes that require you to have a PHD in semiotics to read and comprehend.

mobility network

But, all is forgiven, since every “coach” now has wifi linked in throughout the entire route. This journey is premise for my first book, which I will write at the end of 2012 loosely titled, “My Grand Experiment, or How I Learned to Hate the Car and Use Public Transportation (in America)”.

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